Climate Action Now Webinar. 

Alex Scott, Together Branch Secretary, with Dave Copeman, Director of the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) discuss the importance of the Climate Action Now campaign and how members can be involved.

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Climate Action Now!

Together’s members live and work all across the state of Queensland. Every year, every month Queenslanders see the impact of climate change and environmental damage – droughts, floods, extreme weather – and it’s time our government’s took action.

How long do we have to stop devastating climate change? Less than a decade. The IPCC have reported in August 2021 that Australia is well behind on climate action and not on track to meet the required reduction of emissions to stop reaching the devastating threshold of 1.5℃ warming, which could be a reality by 2030 without rapid action.

Unfortunately, Australian politicians think Queenslanders don’t care about climate action, and don’t really care about stopping climate change.

It’s time to show them they’re wrong.

Together is supporting the Queensland Conservation Council’s campaign  to have Queenslanders stand up and be counted on climate change. Show your street and your workplace you want climate action now – get a sign for your home or workplace.